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Latest Projects

Mending the fences: Digitisation, Covid-19 pivot, Disaster responsiveness, and business refocus

Since March of 2020, the Archer Team and its associates have been working with business leaders in several different countries and their teams to help respond to these unprecedented times and the challenges they face.

Projects all have included the need to refine a digital aspect of business and include:

  • Fire and Rescue Service [UK]: Led the development of what is believed to be a world first rigorous, statistically-sound methodology for establishing the social and economic benefit of the Fire & Rescue Service; Led the development of national Community Risk Management Planning Methodology, from Services input and that of external experts.
  • Engineering and manufacturing company [USA]: Workshops with business leaders to identify new supply chains and revenue streams and develop high level roadmap to achieve them.
  • Architectural company [Australia]:Business analysis to identify cloud-based storage options for plan-library.
  • Engineering and manufacturing company [UK]: Risk Assessment update and refinement of processes with option report showing refined cloud –based services options.
  • Bio-agricultural company [Australia]: Refinement of investor offering giving clear business case for potential post pandemic growth from medical grade products showing cloud-based operational support.
  • Merger & Acquisition: Medium sized service company[USA]: Urgent asset inventory (knowledge & product) to consolidate and refine new acquisition offering to maximise  revenue streams, create roadmap for integrated business model and change program, and refine supporting activities with complementary cloud-based digital processes.
  • Manufacturing and technical consulting company[Continental Europe]: Urgent supply chain review and restructure.
  • OEM manufacturer [USA]: With disruption to and contraction of key customer base, urgent review and refinement of value proposition and identification of new revenue streams and supporting business model.
  • Global consulting firm- [European Office]: Editing of proposed global workplace IT change to reflect new realities and needs - including IT specifications refinement; change communication; fast-track roadmap.
  • Global manufacturing company - [Continental Europe]: Refinement of Down-Selection Process for major workplace IT change proposals and management of the selection process.

Previous Projects

  • Scoping and creation of film/music download service in Saudi Arabia. [client: UEC]
  • Scoping transference of TV-talent programs to online platforms and creation of online talent contest – included technology,
    customer experience, and business case. [client: 1click2fame Ltd.]
  • Research and analysis for social network “community” interactions between members of an online audience watching
    live entertainment events. [client: British Telecom]
  • Development of engagement platform and online talent contest for global marketing campaign. [client: Pepsi]
  • Research & scoping of Automatic Speech Recognition for language learning applications on smart phones. [client: Orange Poland]
  • Review of Polish media empire’s distribution and content channels to create coherent online strategy. [client: Agora]
  • Analysis to understand social network user dynamics and how they apply to mobile phone use. [client: Nokia]
  • Using predictive data tools, analysis of customer search/research patterns on new-car buying and financing. [client: Saatchi & Saatchi/Toyota]
  • Case-study on Olay skin care products to create business intelligence from unstructured data – found new customer lifestyle segmentation. [client: Saatchi & Saatchi/Oil of Olay]
  • Analysis of music artist popularity patterns for key demographics in a set radius surrounding UK concert venues for promoter.
    [client: Liz Hobbs Group]
  • Create Mobile Ibiza [2000], the world’s first commercial mobile phone content service outside Japan. [client: Worldpop]
  • IT enabled support systems for food products retailers, including RFID tracing and logistics. [client: Marks & Spencer, Tesco]
  • IT systems transformation. [clients: Global Oil &Gas Company , Financial Services- Banking & insurance companies, telecoms company, and government pensions department]