Previous Projects

Digital Media & Technology

  • Scoping and creation of film/music download service in Saudi Arabia. [client: UEC]
  • Scoping transference of TV-talent programs to online platforms and creation of online talent contest – included technology,
    customer experience, and business case. [client: 1click2fame Ltd.]
  • Research and analysis for social network “community” interactions between members of an online audience watching
    live entertainment events. [client: British Telecom]
  • Development of engagement platform and online talent contest for global marketing campaign. [client: Pepsi]
  • Research & scoping of Automatic Speech Recognition for language learning applications on smart phones. [client: Orange Poland]
  • Review of Polish media empire’s distribution and content channels to create coherent online strategy. [client: Agora]
  • Analysis to understand social network user dynamics and how they apply to mobile phone use. [client: Nokia]
  • Using predictive data tools, analysis of customer search/research patterns on new-car buying and financing. [client: Saatchi & Saatchi/Toyota]
  • Case-study on Olay skin care products to create business intelligence from unstructured data – found new customer lifestyle segmentation. [client: Saatchi & Saatchi/Oil of Olay]
  • Analysis of music artist popularity patterns for key demographics in a set radius surrounding UK concert venues for promoter.
    [client: Liz Hobbs Group]
  • Create Mobile Ibiza [2000], the world’s first commercial mobile phone content service outside Japan. [client: Worldpop]
  • IT enabled support systems for food products retailers, including RFID tracing and logistics. [client: Marks & Spencer, Tesco]
  • IT systems transformation. [clients: Global Oil &Gas Company , Financial Services- Banking & insurance, telecoms companies, and government pensions department]