Good enough to be an Archer:
The core Archer team

John Ingham – Director & Digital Enabler

Digital Enabler – Formerly Content Director of O2 where he introduced the mobile Web to the UK, John is always ahead of the digital curve to future-proof business strategies. His specialty is digital enablement based on a solid business case.
John has created award winning web and mobile sites and been a keynote speaker on digital enablement and future market directions at conferences and summits in London, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Johannesburg and New Orleans.

Amongst other achievements, John designed and deployed a film and music download service in Saudi Arabia, and advised Simon Cowell how to commercialise his TV properties online. He is a student of disruptive innovation and how quickly it can decimate major industries, using that background to advise practical future-proofing. Australian born and resident in London, John has also lived and worked in the USA and Japan and his work has seen him travel extensively in the USA, Continental Europe and Scandinavia.

Little known facts:

Our Digital Enabler was formerly a much-followed music journalist,  managed a Japanese Rock Band, speaks Japanese (albeit being a bit out of practice), and his first book  chronicles an amazing music era written from his amazing experiences with many of the icons of the industry. You can read about it here:Spirit of 76. 

John is fascinated by cactus plants in their many varieties, is a frequent haunter of the art galleries and creative spaces of London, has polymath interests that span aviation, technology, history, politics, and cultures. A world explorer, some of John's favourite places to holiday include Japan, Amsterdam, Italy and the lesser known hideaways of the Spanish coast.

Paquita Lamacraft – Principal Consultant & Catalyst

Catalyst – The master of working with people to collaborate better and to get done the things that have been talked about without significant progress.

Paquita was formerly European COO of a fast growth European software company, Cultural Strategy Manager to the fastest growing city in Europe, a Regional Director for Economic Development, and in Germany was part of a five person Rapid Growth Team with Hewlett Packard. In this role she led global IT workplace transformation projects and also developed the Go To Market Stategy for the department.

From experience in both public & private sectors she effectively designs winning project proposals and restructuring and has a record of effective identification and management of hitherto unidentified organisational risk.

Working with industry leaders Paquita has developed sector strategies for petrochemical; biotechnology; transportation, logistics and shipping; ITC; creative industries; plantation forestry; organics; dairy; food and tourism.

She is known for creative approaches and for inspiring those with whom she works.

A native Australian, Paquita returned to England in 2014 after living in Germany for seven years and as of September 2023, is now a resident of France. Previously,  Paquita lived and worked in Canada, Italy, England and the USA (12 years), with project experience in the United Arab Emirates, Doha, France, The Netherlands, Indonesia, and Finland.

Little known facts:

Paquita is a traveller who delights in capturing the character of a place, as seen on her website popular public speaker, she has also had her own drive-time radio show, worked in a Forensic Pathology Office, been a rally driver, and organised a visit by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

Paquita's book ‘SWIVEL: How to refocus your business for a post-pandemic world’was developed rapidly in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Although a book for its moment, SWIVEL  is a repository of relevant case studies and links to specific information, with pointers gleaned from 60 books from her personal library. It is a guide to busy leaders coping with sudden new realities for their business, and an entertaining read.

Her previous business book 'Shrapnel Free Explosive Growth' gives leaders of fast growing business a self-guided path to developing a flexible supporting infrastructure and strategic ways to enhance market reputation. 

Her book 'The Cuban Approach', tells a fascinating tale of one month with no plan on the less-visited roads of Cuba. While storytelling about the off-the-beaten-track sights of Cuba, 'The Cuban Approach' is also a guide to letting go of the past and living each day to its fullest. A skill needed increasingly in troubled times.

Paul Nash - Technical Leader & Logistics Magician

Logistics magician – Paul is an Englishman who has a long history of simplifying complex IT structures. His IT solutions are business-needs based and were significant contributors to the success of a well-known food UK food manufacturer from startup to sale, including rapid and effective RFID-based logistics and market distribution of product to UK supermarket giants Tesco and Marks & Spencer. His previous airline experience saw him responsible for global system load in Los Angeles and for all IT emergency response structures. He is an expert in Linux technologies, an early specialist in RFID technologies and market distribution, and can design low cost, effective infrastructure support for emerging businesses, as well as re-thinking new directions for established ones. Paul has the gift of being able to describe the complex in analogies that are memorable , entertaining, and particularly illustrative, helping we lesser mortals to comprehend the issues to be resolved with utter clarity.

Little known facts:

Paul originally trained as a chemist. He is fascinated with physics and astronomy, nature in its fullest breadth, and is also a bit of a polymath and repository of fascinating trivia - causing listeners to later look at the world with increased fascination. Paul follows "the Good Life" with his family and dogs on their own acre of Sussex, England. He loves a good English Ale and employed lockdown as a timeframe in which to create his own mini-brewery and perfect his Nash House Blend.

Common interests

A globe trotting crew, we have all lived. worked and thrived in a range of countries.

We  love the classics: cars, arts, design in all its forms, and good cuisine. Mostly, we love to laugh, spend time with our friends, eat great food and drink good wine (even Paul whose preference is beer), and pursue whatever thing has piqued our curiosity of late. This means we all have the book sickness and could happily live in a library, as our reading tastes are eclectic indeed.

The rest of the crew - talented collaborators chosen for specific skill sets

We are a small core team with a wide professional network on whom we draw. These are often the people with the very specific skills, knowledge and networks you need, but could never access. We know who will join a project because it sparks their interests and taps into their own objectives and curiosity. In this way we have been able to secure some great talent to advise, lead, or refine projects for our clients.