So you may have thought us inactive for a bit: we weren't inactive - just in different temporary situations. We are a small core team that develops the right groups to handle our projects - and then we programmme manage. What we manage sometimes takes some years to achieve its goal. But, after the following activities for one or another of us:  a writing sabbatical that produced several books - Knowledge Transfer following successful Exit Strategies of 2 clients - a sudden temporary senior leadership emplacement for another global client -  consulltancy on a client site developing strategic change in response to new EU Regulations - and some time out to recover - we are back as a team in the consulting business again and look forward to working with you. During all of this we still managed our programs but, like our mascot Balu the Chow Chow - we were  - as the English often say: 'Lying doggo'.

Global, Effective, Experienced

Archer Business Group guides rapid growth strategies, quick wins and long term sustainability. We don’t have solutions looking for a problem we can fit to them. Instead, we guide our clients to use their experience, knowledge and relationships, mixed with fresh input, and create a clear future direction. We cut out all the tra-la-la and focus clearly, directly, diplomatically, and with a suitably irreverent sense of humour, on the key

If you just want to make more money we are not your best choice. If you want to build something you will be proud of – and that will make more money – we are.

Our Team

Archer operates from a small core team of experts, adding leaders in their knowledge areas according to our client’s needs. We believe that giving you innovative, specific, project-tuned thinking and knowledge results in effective, strategic growth.

We have significant experience in business improvement, new business development, entering new markets, developing policy and responding to major economic disruption. Our network spans Europe, SE Asia and the USA.

Our team is built on long-term relationships – and this is what we develop with our clients.