G is for Giraffe.   
A group of giraffe is called a tower.

Are you a Giraffe?

If you can tick most of these boxes - perhaps you are a rare breed,

a master of survival - a Giraffe.

  • You look above the rest and can spot trouble long before it arrives, and respond accordingly.
  • You have had to develop some thick skin so you are seldom torn by thorns or prickles as you go towards you goal.
  • You have enough camouflage to allow you to do your research safely before acting
  • You are sometimes gregarious but sometimes prefer a bit of ‘own space’.
  • You're adaptive.

Of course it should also be noted that giraffe develop bumps on their skulls as they age – and unlike with their human equivalents, it’s not from banging their heads against a wall for many years beforehand.

Sound familiar? Within leading organisations – business or non-profit - there are people we can easily label as being a giraffe. They are rare, adaptable, able to see where they want to go by looking above the heads of the rest, and to get there despite the prickles along the way.

Collaboration is build upon trust.

The Business Giraffe Tower is made up of groups of ten like-minded business people who share their knowledge and thinking to solve common problems and develop improved bottom-line business. To be most effective, each group works within or within the supply chain of a specific sector and come together to discuss ideas on how collaboratively, they can improve their landscape by removing some of the prickly bits and creating a sector-wide benefit to business for each member. Our experience tells us that there is a great deal of inter-group business that develops as well.

 Each group of ten is selected from those who we believe will benefit from informal collaboration with their global peers:

·   for their business,

·   for their philanthropic efforts,

·   for the  enjoyment of meeting others of their breed and sharing insights

Since 2021, we  have been meeting online, with in-person meetings evolving according to need and practicality, in an environment of delightfully personal introduction to the places and people who inform the character of the host city in Europe.

These small groups of 10 can then interact with other G10 members - over time expanding a powerful global network of influencers and achievers - working to improve their own goals and also to make the world a better place.

Would Mr. and Ms. G. Raff please come to reception.

If this sounds like you and you would like to attend a Giraffe Tower, and would like more information, please email us at