Archer Business Stories

Sven and the Reindeer Rodeo

Sven and his business, 'The Reindeer Rodeo' - are fictional - but their problems are very real and common to many clients with whom we work.

Download their story here.

We’ll help Sven and his team do 7 things:

  1.   Ask themselves the right questions
  2.   Find out what they already know and what they have as tools
  3.   Decide what makes sense to do right now and what can be built on the trot
  4.   Describe what success looks like individually and as a business
  5.   Distil their best assets : skills, products & services, clients & isolate what’s missing from the jigsaw
  6.   List the outside influences that can be positive or negative to the business
  7.   Build a roadmap starting with the next 30/60/90 days